7 Qualities Of A Good Employee and Candidate

I am a newbie in HR area and I have the task done the research of looking for the Best Candidate proposals for our Clients. I found out that there are 7 features of candidate that you have to examine. This list is called „the 7 C’s”. I have to say it has become my check-list for now and helps me to come up with some very good proposals for my company’ Consultants and their projects!

I wonder if you share my (intiutive for now!) observation?

  1. Competences: You have to check if the potential employee has the necessary skills or education to manage the position
  2. Capability: Find out whether the candidate is willing to work separately and is he or she creative enough to deliver on new ideas to complete the tasks. The information about is not that crucial when the company looks for interns.
  3. Compatible: Does this person get along with people? The answer is essential if the position requires contact with clients.
  4. Commitment: Look only for people who are highly motivated and want to work for a long term.
  5. Character: The potential employee should share the same values as the employer. He or she must be honest and keep promises.
  6. Culture: It is good when the employee’s behavior suits the culture of the company.
  7. Compensation: The appreciated employee works better so he or she must be satisfied with the salary.
Data publikacji:  07-07-2018 Autor:  Marta Barańska