How can I start working with the Nolta Career Experts agency?
Write or call us, you can immediately send your CV, and we will try to match your profile to the recruitment.
At the moment when you express interest in making the next step in your career, we will invite you to a short telephone conversation. The purpose of this conversation will be, for us, familiarize with your experience / skills, and for you a more detailed review of the offers of our partners' positions.

During the conversation you will learn about the names of our partners' companies and get acquainted with the products / projects to which we are currently looking for new specialists.

During a telephone conversation or already at a meeting with us, we will ask you, among others, about your financial expectations, which will allow us to assess which projects meet, also financially, your expectations.
This is a frequent question. The answer is simple - no finances are to be the main motivator for submitting applications. The main motivation for applying should be the willingness to work / co-create / develop products / projects of our partners.

Many of our business partners are looking for collaborators for many years to come, and they see the desire to know their earnings before familiarizing themselves with the company's activities as a lack of appropriate motivation for future joint cooperation.

Of course, this does not mean that you will earn less than working in other companies by working with our partners. Our clients simply want to be sure that their product / project has interested you in the same way or maybe more as the earnings themselves.

You also do not have to worry that we will invite you to the recruitment process for a position that will not meet your financial expectations. We understand that there are many job offers on the market and we do not want to waste your time. After our initial interview or even during it, you will only receive details of those offers that meet your financial expectations.
Our clause is a legal requirement and was created in order to fully inform the candidate about his rights and our obligations.
Yes. If you do not want your CV to stay in the database, just let us know. CVs of candidates are their property and only they decide if it will be stored in the database.
No, we are settling accounts with companies that have commissioned us to find the right specialist.
If you are interested in developing your career in HR / Nolta recruitment, please send us your CV at JIN@CareerExperts.pl with the inscription 'practice' in the email title
No, our professional ethics and implemented procedures do not allow us to send CVs to candidates without their consent and knowledge.
No, the only contract concluded between you and Nolta Career Experts is your consent to the processing of your personal data, which you agreed to by applying through our website with job offers.
We use various forms of recruitment, they are not always face to face meetings, we often use videoconferences or in-depth telephone interviews.